Apr. 14th, 2008 11:32 pm
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To the two, maybe three people that are still reading this, or anyone else that can see this (since I made this a public entry), I'm moving. I don't think there's any reason left for me to keep this journal name, and honestly it's too much to look back at anymore. My new journal is going to be a private one. I won't be posting the name here because I want to keep it that way. If you need to be added, I'll contact you. If you'd like to, you can comment on this post. Those of you that are added I respectfully ask that you keep the new name to yourselves/just among us.

This will be the last post that I make here, so, if I don't see you on the "other side", if I ever took part in an RPG with you or was a part of a community with you, well, it's been fun and I hope you lead long and happy, good lives. To those of you that I had made plans with, I'm sorry to cut them short but I have my reasons for leaving and I hope you can all understand.

Please don't think I've addressed this to "you" out of spite. I just feel that since what happened should be a private matter, I want to leave it that way. I'm sorry that things didn't work out better with us. I didn't think it was going to mean an actual goodbye, especially not so abruptly, but obviously you feel that way. I don't think you'll even see this yourself since I'm not on your F-list anymore, but I'm sure one of the others will tell you about it eventually, if you want to hear anything else I have to say by this point. I don't know. I'm sorry if you were hurt by the truth, but I stand firm behind what I said and I won't take any of it back. I decided a year or so ago that I was never going to let somebody else make me feel bad about myself again, and that includes not letting myself keep taking even part of other people's blame, let alone all of it. I would have preferred to have ended things on good terms, or at least to have acknowledged what happened between us and our feelings on the matter. I had more love and respect for you than to do otherwise, and I'm definitely hurt that it seems like that wasn't a mutual consensus, but I don't want to be mad about it, so I won't be. That's your choice and your view, and I know very well by now that you just can't change other people's feelings.

I'm going to miss the RP, too, because it definitely reflected the happiest times in our friendship, coinciding with the days when we WERE thick as thieves. And you might not want to hear this now, but it doesn't change the way I feel: I'm still grateful to you for being there for me and being a part of my life even if it obviously wasn't meant to last. You were a wonderful influence on me spirtually and I wish you and your family nothing but the absolute best and happiness. I can really only hope that I helped you in positive ways as well, even if I never hear it. Please, if you only do one more thing for me, give your family my best, and especially thank your mom for me, for talking me through some of those fights I had with my own mom, it meant a lot to me (And I do feel like I've gotten to understand my mother better to show for it. We don't fight as much as before, and I believe that praying, as your mom had suggested, helped.).

I hope that you do well in whatever you end up choosing to do with your life, and I'll always think of you and remember those good times.

With nothing but love for my sister in God, and my little sister in friendship,
~ Eechan

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