Jan. 13th, 2007

koree: (Nervous Breakdown || Icon by: evercool)
Okay, so, e.e; Koree's been eating on a really shitty diet for the last two weeks, and it finally caught up with her Friday night, along with her sleeping position habits and drinking habits (Mountain Dews, usually 2 a night). I'm laid up right now in bed, slept for almost 24 hours, and had a couple of dry-heave sessions. I'm doing considerably better, but still feeling whatever bug I managed to catch. Finally able to stomach cold water (because trust me, cold water + grease in stomach = not pretty combination), but still feeling the ache in my side and sound like shit. I'll send out some texts, but if I don't pick up the phone before tomorrow night, no one panic. ;__; I might just be really deep asleep (freaked my dad out, he came all the way home from church today because I didn't pick up), or, unavailable for whatever reason.

I promise I'll make my phone rounds and let everyone know I'm alive and well as soon as I stop feeling like crap.

Love you all, sorry for lack of better news. *didn't want anyone to find out the hard way I was sick XP*

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