Sep. 18th, 2008

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First of all, I hope you and Liz are okay over there, Des. I wish now more than ever that I still had my old phone. I haven't heard from one friend from down there since she informed us she was stuck due to a flat tire. I'm extremely worried.

We're okay here. Tina's grandmother had to be evacuated and our park turned into a lake for a few days, but no one was hurt (Thankfully Hoosiers are a lot of things, but stubborn enough to get hurt by braving flood weather is not one of them.).

I'm about to collapse tomorrow night so I might not pop up online till Friday to update. I'm so tired... Been working double shifts and all day every day but Saturday and Tuesday. SO tired. But almost totally rid of Penny's and Target, then if mom approves my plan I'll be going to Acen next year (As older!Raven, Tsubasa!Caldina, and a Zutara!Love child. Laugh, go ahead, you know it's funny. I'm gonna have a big ass annoying DUNCE CAP that says: "ZUTARA LOVECHILD" right on my head.). WHOO. So tired.

And now something light hearted: A meme )

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