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But for those of us that need a little help dealing with that, I present the manual solution. (User "kinkittie " discovered this and was kind enough to share it with the rest of us! I'm posting this here for those on my F-List or on my F-List's F-List that don't want to dig through dozens of entries and comments on lj-backup.)

First you may want to log in. This will allow you to chose to remain logged in forever if you want to set that option to avoid being bumped out of session.

- Visit "". It will take you to the log in page (and thus look at friends only pages).

It should be noted again that you will have to manually copy and paste everything as the server/database is unavailable. That means you can't edit your posts and copy them with codes, but you CAN manually copy text and image URL's (Right click image, select "Copy image location".). Here's how.

- Go here, plug in your character's username:*yourusernamehere*/calendar

- When you click on the entry date it will take you to the 404 error page. Up at the top it will say "http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/fdsl/23423". replace "http://www.greatestjournal.com" with ""

- If you need to go back further (Example: My last entry for Starfire was 2007, I had to go back to 2005 for the rest of her journal.) just add the year after your username. "" -- For instance.

Copy your codes and entries, I recommend backing them up to notepad.

The only major downside in all this is that LJ doesn't want to cooperate with it's own layouts. I can't get my "Generator" layout to convert properly. :[

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