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They really need to make a law to counter Murphy's law, because Murphy's law equals LOOSE.

We had three visits this week. Three from our boss' boss, two from our boss', boss', boss, and one from our Audit-guy. What did this mean in short... Everyone who actually pulls their weight around the store had to bust and work their asses off to clean up after the ones that don't. I've been working all week, my feet are killing me from the (mostly closing) hours in those damnable heels.

In slightly related news, the technology in my room has apparently staged a Strike without my knowledge. The stereo cables are finally on the fritz after almost 6 years of continuous and faithful use. The speakers on my desktop refuse to work in unison unless the chord is situated in EXACTLY the RIGHT WAY, otherwise I just get scratching on one side and fuzzy sound on the other and I HATE. Fuzzy music. >_< The monitor continues to be the bane of my existance, as everytime I want to use the desktop it simply refuses to turn on. I gave up after a while, but today we claimed victory in the name of... stuff.

Last, and, heh heh BD certainly not least... My laptop (which I first so affectionately dubbed "Alphonse", after Al's full-body-armor-mode in Full Metal Alchemist, for it's uncanny size and color comparison...), almost a full two years old, decided to kick the bucket.

Basically when a laptop starts, this is how it should run if everything is in working order:

1: Open laptop.
2: Push the On switch/button.
3: Laptop loads within around 5 minutes time.
4: Good to go.

When Alphonse starts up, this is how it goes:

1: Find heat resistant surface, because Alphonse will otherwise scald your damn legs off or burn a hole in the bed. (Plus: Makes an excellent lap warmer when used in combination with a Full High school Yearbook............................ I'm not joking. I'm completely serious.)
2: Open laptop.
3: Push the On switch/button.
4: Harddrive starts it's race car engine.
5: Laptop begins loading process.
6: .... Still loading.
7: .... Yep. Still loading.
8: ....
9: .................. You're still waiting? >.> Please hold.
10: .......... *hold music*
11 )
12: Congratulations! You survived the BSoD!! Your prize: A BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH ZOMG!!!!11!!!eleven
13: Press F1 to proceed.
14: Repeat as desired, because it doesn't do a damn thing anyway, but here's a pretty beeping-screeching noise for your troubles. <3

......... Technology sucks.
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Alright, I know every year I always say "I'll have it soon, I promise!" -- |D which is why I have two boxes worth of stuff to send to you guys.... one day....

BUT: I do have a bit of your birthday gifts from THIS year for you NOW. >D

First one is just a preview, the artist is making some adjustments/corrections. :3

Happy Birthday Liz-chan!! )

Happy Birthday Des-chan!! )


May. 20th, 2006 03:11 am
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Five cookies to the first person who guesses (without listening to it) which character cameos on my voice mail this month!

You're going to have to forgive the atrocious accent, :D;;; <3 I hope I don't get bricked for this later...

I'm on such a huge Roxas and Axel and Riku kick right now. =w= Someone stop me. <3 Very much looking forward to starting up a certain RP and continuing certain ones with a certain Mexican and certain New Jersiyan. ((Shaddup. Jersiyan is a word. I just made it up.))

Sooooo yeah. It's 3am, do you know where YOUR Eechan is? NOT IN BED. THATS FOR SURE!!!

.... Um... yeah. >_> Expect loads of voice mail rounds tomorrow.


Apr. 4th, 2006 02:04 pm
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I pwn. KH2 Bad guys can bow down and kiss my ass. >D Now for the "Expert" setting.

The end.

WARNING: There will be a huge second post-ramble following this one. If you haven't beaten the game yet and/or don't want spoilers then it will NOT be viewable to you! When you've beaten the game comment here if you wish to see, and I'll share with you lovelies! <3
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Here's how Koree's day went today.

If you don't like reading about materialistic complaints, please stop here and consider yourself warned if you ignore this and choose to proceed. )


P.S. I did have one perk today, it helped, but for the most part I've just been numb. Nothing else really has any appeal, my energy is low, my hopes dashed. Heh. I'll probably show up tomorrow and find out they released it tonight at midnight and are sold out, or the girl was mistaken, or the store burned down.
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I'm angry. I'm pissed off about the things that he did and then the way Takato left, and sadly I don't do that well with letting go of things like that, when it hurts someone like his leaving did. >_< I even feel just plain petty because I can't let it go, and I feel silly for getting so angry about it, but, dammit, Tony is my baby, and I'm one FREAKING PISSED OFF MOTHER!! DX
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kaitounoir (12:15:52 AM): I dunno, I just need something for Hiro and I'm set to go
Briana n Kor (12:16:50 AM): Tony will be a sorceress, XD I'd love to make her and Lin dragons but it'd be more fun this way and too easy the other, seeing as they're of the dragon clan in EVERY OTHER RP. XD;;;
Briana n Kor (12:16:57 AM): Ken is a monster, :D
Briana n Kor (12:17:01 AM): Ken: >_> Gee, thanks.
Briana n Kor (12:17:44 AM): Rio will be the traveling, constantly starving guy XD OH!! >D
Briana n Kor (12:17:49 AM): the unwilling mercenary!
Briana n Kor (12:18:01 AM): He only does it if the payment will be food or GET him food. XD
Briana n Kor (12:18:16 AM): He'll have these weird, crazy requirements XDDDD
kaitounoir (12:18:35 AM): OMG I love it
Briana n Kor (12:21:44 AM): XD I'm sorry, Mercenary/Deliveryboy/Gopher/Paige!! :D

Rio: Okay! :D So you want to hire me to take someone out/be your bodyguard/deliver this person-and-or-package safely! I only have a few conditions. :3

1: I only deliver after Noon and before two pm! :D
2: I only accept food, hotel-vouchers, and cookery-servitude as payments! No spoiled foods, no beans, and no dried rations! :D
3: I only rescue cute girls, 25 and younger! :D
4: I require a downpayment of one meal or snack in advance! :D
5: I don't do windows. X3
kaitounoir (12:22:37 AM): L.M.F.A.O.
Briana n Kor (12:22:53 AM): Rio: OH. And 6: |D I don't do fatal injuries.
kaitounoir (12:22:58 AM): OMG
kaitounoir (12:23:10 AM): best. character. ever. award. goes to Rio
Briana n Kor (12:23:14 AM): Rio: So if there's any dying involved I'll have to retract myservices with no refund on your deposit.
Briana n Kor (12:23:27 AM): *DYING* XD
kaitounoir (12:23:29 AM): we need to start like now
Briana n Kor (12:23:41 AM): hold on XDDD I'm so uploading this to LJ
kaitounoir (12:23:50 AM): I think Hiro needs to be Rio's rival
Briana n Kor (12:23:59 AM): *ROFLMAO* XD That travels with him.
kaitounoir (12:24:01 AM): so if rio's a swordsman, then so's Hiro
kaitounoir (12:24:03 AM): YUP
Briana n Kor (12:24:03 AM): OMMFBG
Briana n Kor (12:24:43 AM): Random pesant: I'm in need of delivery services ;3;

Rio and Hiro: *eyes meet* T__T *WHOOSH* *at the same time/together in unison* ILL DO IT!!! *glare at each other*
Briana n Kor (12:25:01 AM): Others in the traveling party: .... ||||;;;;;;;;
kaitounoir (12:25:03 AM): and hiro's conditions usually involve sex and money
kaitounoir (12:25:06 AM): XDDD
Briana n Kor (12:25:07 AM): XD *ROF*
kaitounoir (12:25:18 AM): sometimes back massages
Briana n Kor (12:25:24 AM): Tony: Make sure you specify ages, genders as needed, and apperances, buddy. |D;;;
Briana n Kor (12:25:37 AM): zomg XD
Briana n Kor (12:25:39 AM): what if
kaitounoir (12:25:58 AM): Hiro: Only vuluptuous woman or really f***ing hot guys, all under 25 but over 18
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Can you name 21 people you can think of right off the top of your head? Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 21 people.

1. Liz
2. Des
3. Stacey
4. Ben
5. Megan
6. Tweek
7. Daimyn/Nicole
8. Jade/Raychell
9. Reivan
10. Kendall
11. Alan
12. Lleth
13. Liz [OD]
14. Jeremy
15. Tina
16. Lauren
17. Naomi
18. Brandy
19. Lisa
20. Terri
21. Felix

----------------- Now answer the questions according to the names listed below
Now the FUN begins! }D )
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I haven't spoken to anyone for more than 5 minutes at a time in the last 48+ hours, so I thought an update would be a good idea.


The Filet of Fish has it's day.... of VENGENCE. )

Des, sorry I missed your call, >_<;; and anyone else that tried to call me, or IM me or something. This was the one time I definitely needed the rest.

Shower now.
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Omi/Aya-chan fangirl PWN493 lyk3 WH04.

The end.
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1: Had my first bit of free time between jobs snatched away.
2: Got to work and found some impatient woman waiting for me, early.
3: Said impatient woman didn't BUY anything.
4: Once again, people are f***tards who don't know how to leave messages. If you're going to make me write two pages worth of f*ing information at least say the phone number SLOWLY or f*ing repeat it once again at the end, PEOPLE.*

*Disclaimer: If you've ever done this, T_T I'm sorry, but you don't realize how annoying it is until you have to be the one trying to keep up with someone's babbling and then having them only say the long 1800 number ONCE.
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I warned you all this day was coming. >} Now it is here and upon you.

For those of you that are interested in doing this type of thing, I present to you a challenge, also known as a random whim presented by my sleep deprived brain. So... let the games begin!


o1. The Whim )
o2. The Rules )

o3. The Categories )

GO!!! XD
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o1. Take your sweet time [Tony] )
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I don't know why. I just suddenly feel like curling up in the dark and bawling my eyes out for a few hours.

Sunday's are normally so peaceful... )

There are two other incidents besides the scheduling and lying to Christine (CPC manager) about me. I'll write them in later.

The moral of the story is: I'm too f*ing tired. I'll tell you tomorrow.
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I realize that I got this journal with the intent of venting whenever I had a negative buildup of emotions, and yet this last week I hardly even updated my regular journal let alone this one...

Nothing too serious, I'm just kind of frustrated with how busy everything is, and I'm feeling left behind. I could probably eliminate that ucky feeling if I got off my arse and did my school work, which I'm actually about to do now. So much art... *sighs* I got a lot of art trades and gift art to do, I feel just a little overwhelemed right now. I've been so stressed over the last few months that it's all catching up to me now, and it's like: GRRR-

Sure, I do have those days or weeks when everything is "all good" but then the week following is so depressing and dull, it's like: someone stop this roller coaster, PLEASE!! N' I'm hopping subjects, that's always a sure sign that my mind is everywhere... Ugh- but, my Bertha got a major update, so I feel like that's helping me to calm down a bit. It helps, knowing that I have room to expand and organize, because for some reason it just ties in to my aspect of life as a whole.

I did some thinking on my future, after I graduate (if I make it that far.), and I think that what I might just do is, God willing, stay at Office Depot and continue doing web design from home. I don't know if I'm cut out to go into some stuffy office building every morning and work on professional web sites for multimillion dollar corperations like Nike and Arista Records, or the Post cereal company, or some insurance company or some crap like that. This is me we're talking about, the very idea of having to work on pages THAT... OFFICIAL just urks me to pieces! I like what I do now, five years from now I'd actually like to still be in business with Bran, working on Bran-Kor (though Lord knows I'm fighting to convince her that Bran-Kor sounds better than Kor-Bran (*lol and nudges Bran*)). Who knows, it might develop into something major, I think we definitely have the talent. If I were in the position to employ, I'd hire her on the spot, you know, because you know people personally and what good people they are, how hard they try and are willing to work. it really frustrates me when employers don't get to know potential employees, that's why I love Sunda. Seriously, if people stopped to look at the value of a person's personality, people skills, and work ethic, instead of how little they can pay you and how many hours they can stick you with I bet the Work force would be a much more motivated and plesant place. End rant, end.

I want to have something like that, though, a steady job to back me, and then my web design as my career.

First, let's see if I can't survive college, though.


It's gettin' so lonely inside this bed...

Don't know if I should lick my wounds or say "woe is me" instead...

There's an achin' inside my head. It's tellin me "You're better off alone!"...

But after midnight... morning will come...

N' today we'll see if you will get some.

They say "That girl you know she acts so tough, tough, tough!" It's till I turn out the light, turn out the light.

They say "That girl you know she acts too rough, rough, rough!" Well it's till I turn out the light, turn out the light! I say follow me follow me follow me down down down down till you see all my dreams.

Not everything in this magical world is quite what it seems.

I looked above the other day, cause I think I'm good and ready for a change. I live my life by the moon, by the moon. If it's high play low, if it's harvest go slow, and if it's full, then go.

But after midnight, morning will come, and today we'll see if you're gonna get some.

They say "That girl you know she acts too tough, tough, tough!" Well it's till I turn off the lights, turn off the lights.

They say "That girl you know she acts so rough, rough, rough!" Well it's till I turn off the lights, turn off the light!

I say follow me follow me follow me down down down down till you see all my dreams.

Not everything in this magical world is quite what it seems.

I'm searching for things that I just cannot see! Why don't cha', don't cha', don't cha' come and be here with me. I pretend to be cool and I wanna believe I can do it on my own without my heart on my sleeve. I'm running, I'm running! Catch up with me life! Where's the love that I'm looking to find? It's all in me can't you see why can't you see? It's all in me... all in me!

Where is your logic?

Who do you need?

Where can you turn?

Follow me down, follow me down, down, down...

Follow me down, follow me down, down, down...

Follow me, follow me, follow me down, down, down, down... See all my dreams...

Follow me, follow me, follow me down, down, down, down... See all my dreams...

Where is your logic?

Who do you need?

Where can you turn?

Where is your logic?

Who do you need?

Where can you turn?

Not everything in this magical world is quite what it seems...

Turn off the lights [Nelly Furtado - "Whoah Nelly!"]


Aug. 20th, 2003 01:15 am
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Friends Only. )

The banner says it all. Thanks Blivy, for the usage of your picture!! XD PIRATED GOODS!!!

A word to those not on my friends list: )

To wrap up this post, this journal is and always will be friends only. Only for friends that I have okayed with hearin' me whine after years of testing, or weeks of bonding.

Later days,

~ Koree

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